Trick or Treat Halloween Bingo Game

Trick or Treat Halloween Bingo

Susan, I received the Bingo Cards yesterday. I absolutely love them! I will purchase more from you soon. Do you advertise to the schools? I think the math would be a wonderful addition to lower grade levels.

This is a great game for young children (or the young at heart) who aren't quite ready for spooky images. It's filled with jack 'o lanterns, trick or treaters, and other cute and cuddly images. There are lots of opportunities to compare and contrast images in this set. That's a key skill that is developed in preschool and the early years of elementary school.

This game is available in downloadable (printable) form at a deep discount or in a printed set.  Printed sets come with plastic bingo chips.

 Click here to order  your  Trick or Treat Bingo Game today!


Halloween Bingo: An example of this set is at the top of this page. It has a variety of images that are sure to please adults and children alike. It's a great set to use at a Halloween party at home, school, or the office. Click on the Halloween Bingo title to order this set.

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Spooky Halloween Bingo: This set is intended for children and adults who like spooky and ghoulish figures of monsters, ghosts, and creepy crawly Halloween images. Click on the Spooky Halloween Bingo title to see an image from the Spooky Halloween Bingo set

Looking for a bingo game for a Fall Festival or Harvest Celebration? Try Autumn Bingo! This set is a great addition to any Harvest Celebration.

If you're looking for a  wonderful bingo game to play on All Saint's Day, check out the Patron Saint Bingo for Kids!

    These sets could be expanded to as large as 75 card sets. Please email me if you are interested!


Halloween Bingo Games Downloadable fo as little asr $1.99

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