Catholic Patron Saints for Kids Bingo Game

Catholic Patron Saints for Kids Bingo  Catholic Patron Saints for Children Bingo

Here is another bingo game in the Catholic Education Resource series. This bingo set is a  positive educational teaching tool that is intended for use in Catholic Education settings, Catholic Parochial Schools, or Catechism classes. It's also a great game to play at at party or use for "family game night." Children and adults alike will deepen their religious training while having fun. What a great way to experience a positive message about the Catholic faith, and learn more about Catholic beliefs and practices!

Did you know that there are more than 10,000 Saints in the Catholic Church? This bingo set helps children learn more about some of the most well-known saints. I had so much fun making this set because it also includes a number of saints whose patronage might be of interest to children. Did you know that there is a patron saint of sick animals, clowns, or bees? There are many interesting stories that can be discussed while using the set. The name of the saint, as well as a picture that is intended to be a "clue" about the person's life or what that person is the patron of is listed on the card. he calling card includes the answer to the clue on the card. Additionally, this set can be used as a launching point to discuss the saint's life and other pertinent points about the saint. This set was fun to create and will be fun to use!

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    These sets could be expanded to as large as 75 card sets. Please email me if you are interested!


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